Custom Portrait



Here is how the process goes:

1. You buy the portrait here.

2. Once the order has gone through, an email confirmation will be sent to you. Reply to that with your picture/s that you want me to paint from. I will send a reply confirming I got them.

3. I will email you progress pics of your portrait in progress ...This is the time when you tell me you absolutely love it, or if you don't love it, why you don't so I can fix it so you do ! I want you to be wowed!

4. Once you are wowed, I will mail it to you ... Your portrait will take 3 to 5 business days to get to you ( Most arrive in 3 business days )


The painting will be an original, one of a kind, mixed media painting on high quality paper , signed by me.

It will be 11 x 14 - But, if you don't like that size and want a different one, just email me (address below) and maybe I can do what you want.

please allow two weeks for delivery

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