Lulu Schwall Studio


"It's a perfect likeness, Lulu, thank you!" - Patricia Altschul of Bravo's, "Southern Charm"

"It's really more than what's on the paper.  The person's soul comes through and so does yours."  - Melissa Helsel

"I am in love with the painting!!! It's so gorgeous can't even express to you how much I love it!!!! I feel that it's something that I can't live without now.  You know the really meaningful items that you own, that just can't be replaced? This is one of those items! Thank you again and again. "  - Amie Morozs

 "It was fun to work with you on our painting, and we love it.  The likeness is terrific.  I'll post more pics on instagram once I get the floating frame done.  Wishing you all the best!" - Rachel Reinert

"Oh my gosh! Thank you! Working with you was a fantastic experience that I would highly recommend to anyone. I'm so happy that I have this piece of original art to pass down to my kids, grandkids and hopefully great grandkids. This was a wonderful investment and I'm so happy with it! Thank you, Lulu!" - Katie Brooke